Ride-on Lawnmowers

Arb & Grounds are the largest supplier of ride-on lawnmowers in Derby.

We are official suppliers of Stihl, Cub Cadet, AL-KO, Etesia, Stiga, Grillo plus many others.

As well as selling, we also service and repair any of the above brands (plus a lot more) in our specialist workshop.

Committed to providing exceptional customer service, our expert staff take time to get to know you/your situation and only offer the right solution – even if it means pointing you in the direction of a competitor.

Both professional and domestic customers are welcome.

Picking the Right Ride-on Lawnmower

Ride-on lawnmowers are the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Although more expensive than a regular lawnmower, ride-on lawnmowers are modern-day workhorses, crammed with unique features. You will be getting your money’s worth, regardless of how much you spend.

There are three things to consider when buying a ride-on: power, mobility and utility.

Take a look at our ride-on lawnmower top picks.


It’s worth mentioning that the vast majority of ride-on lawnmowers have petrol 4-stroke engines, but there are a few cordless electric.

For better fuel efficiency and lower emissions, look out for petrol models with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection).

Despite having a larger battery, cordless electric ride-on lawnmowers will have a very limited run time, especially when tackling challenging undergrowth or uneven terrain.

Check out our petrol vs electric FAQs for more information.


You can choose between petrol or electric battery operated ride-on lawnmowers, although the latter are far less common.

Either way, you will have as much freedom as your fuel reservoir/battery allows.

When considering mobility, you want to be looking at things like the drivetrain, turning circle, blade height and the tyres.

Most ride-on lawnmowers have four wheels and tend to be either two or four-wheel drive, although there are some with two wheels and a roller (for a striped finish).

Similar to a car, four-wheel drive offers greater vehicle control and traction on difficult terrain. It’s also worth looking at the tyre tread, as some ride-on lawnmowers may offer better grip.

Although seemingly big and awkward, ride-on lawnmowers are surprisingly agile. Some offer turning circles close to zero (some even zero), allowing for tight cornering/turning and operation in extremely tight or confined areas.

Finally, there is the blade height positioning. This needs to be considered if you will be tackling grass of varying lengths or operating on different types of terrain such slopes and hills etc. Most ride-on lawnmowers have an adjustable cutting deck so it’s worth checking this will adjust to a suitable height.


Most ride-on lawnmowers have rotary blades. You can get cylinder blades on “arms” but these are usually for contractors/businesses.

The larger the blade width, the faster the cut time.

Check out our cutting tool type/width FAQs for more information.

If you want to achieve a striped finish, you will need one with a roller.

The majority of ride-on lawnmowers come with a basket or compartment or a mulching plug to scatter the clippings (although some have built-in mulching).

Check out our grass clipping collection FAQs for more information.

Need Help Choosing or Using?

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